Focal Point Products was founded in 1970 by an interior designer who understood the balance between artistry and business. She realized that designers, architects, builders and homeowners needed alternatives to the labor-intensive, difficult-to-install and cumbersome products of the day while staying true to impeccable quality and architecturally-correct designs.

All these years later, we’re proud to carry on her mission to provide the “focal point” of any room with unmatched detail, competitive pricing and superior customer service.

Our molded polyurethane products are a great alternative to wood built-up crown mouldings. Some wood build-ups require 3... 4... even 5 different patterns painstakingly pieced together to form one continuous pattern. That means more products and 3... 4...or 5 trips around a room! With Focal Point Products you get the look you want with one molded piece of light-weight, easy-to-install crown moulding. Look up... you don’t know what it’s made of... but you know it’s beautiful!

Likewise, our ceiling medallions replace the heavy, yet fragile, plaster models that were nearly impossible to ship and certainly difficult to install. In 1970, these alternatives were innovative, and we continue to be the innovative leader.

Today we offer a broad range of products for interior and exterior applications. All of them resist rot, mildew, insects, checking, splintering, cracking and warping. Further, all of our factory-primed products can be painted, stained or faux finished. 

We’ve taken a product line that was traditionally installed by professionals and introduced it to the DIY market. Check out our Quick Clip Moulding Installation System, Moulding Mates accessories that require no nails, no miters and no patching and our Quick Clips Medallion Installation System. 

Whether you’re a designer, architect, builder, installer or do-it-yourselfer, we have the solution you’re looking for.

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