Panel Moulding

A smaller scale, decorative trim piece use to create and define panels on walls and ceilings.


A vertical trim piece with a capital and base, projecting only slightly from a wall. A pilaster is also part of a door system used to accent entryways.

Plinth Block

The base unit used to support a pilaster or column.


Material used to manufacture Focal Point products. Polyurethane characteristics include: insect- and moisture-resistance, lightweight, one-piece designs, and reduced joint separation. The molding process affords more intricate details and patterns than are available in wood.


A preparatory coating put on materials before painting. All Focal Point products are factory-primed, and ready to finish.

Pro Collection™

Focal Point’s preferred millwork series, guaranteed to be in stock. Profiles are designated by symbol in the catalog.


A section of moulding representing the side view. Also refers to a specific moulding pattern.


Distance the moulding protrudes from the wall.

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